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What Is The Best Time To Travel To New Zealand?

New Zealand has a certain advantage over many other countries around the world in a special topic, its vegetation, 80% only one of New Zealand brought about by climate and specific fauna. Most trees are in the country are evergreen, so the landscape in winter and autumn trees are bare sad but still have the glory they have in summer or spring.

In turn, from 4000 meters high in the Alps in the South Island to the shores of the North, Far North, the temperature difference is abysmal, and we helarnos at temperatures below 0 in the central areas of the South Island and yet to reach 20 degrees in the North Island in winter. Thus, input, consider New Zealand a country extremely flexible in terms of seasons to visit.

Anyway, if there is an important factor and condition that is the price factor, and divide into 2 main sections, the price of flights and the price of the activities in New Zealand.

With respect to the flights, the best season is undoubtedly during the northern hemisphere winter, for obvious reasons excluding high demand dates of the holiday season. At this time prices can be as low as 500 Euros with departures from virtually every major Spanish city. In our summer, however, prices will go up because it is high season, reaching at least 700 Euros.

On the other hand, the activities run in reverse. In New Zealand the low season is during our summer and prices for motor home rental, accommodation and various activities can become less than half of what they are in high season, which runs roughly from October to March.

Our recommendation from KiwiViajes is an intermediate, namely the month of September, starting with the South Island where the peaks are still snow and live the magic of the Alps in all its glory, ending in late September in the North Island, where the first summer heat will make us enjoy the beauty of the beaches and forests in early spring.

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