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Warning: This post contains chips, spice bags, and Superquinn sausages.

Leo Burdock's fish and chips

Yes, they have chips everywhere. But these aren't just any chips. These are Leo Burdock's traditional Irish (and totally famous) chips. Look, it's fair to say Dubliners know what they're doing with potatoes.

The seaside

Home to sandy beaches, rocky coves, and sticks of rock, Dublin has the advantage of being a city right beside the sea.

And the mountains

A definite bonus for hiking (and fresh air) enthusiasts. Oh, and dogs.

City transport with a gorgeous view

City transport with a gorgeous view

London's transport supersedes Dublin's in pretty much every way, except the picturesque coastal views of Dublin through the DART's windows. Who wouldn't want to look at this?

Stephen/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: carisenda

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