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All the best food is south east.

Street food at The Old Nun's Head, Nunhead

This popular local pub has given over its kitchen to a rotating selection of street food vendors, and without making any kind of horrible song and dance about "pop-ups" at that. Burger Bear (pictured) are regulars, and kebab wraps from Souvlaki are not to be missed when they're at the grills. Keep an eye on The Old Nun's Head's Twitter to see who's cooking when.

Bagels at Brown's, Brockley

They buy them in fresh from Brick Lane's Beigel Bake and then fill them on-site with salmon and cream cheese, pastrami and pickles and more, right on time for weekend breakfast. Enjoy one with Browns' excellent flat white, made with delicious Square Mile coffee.

Jerk Chicken from Smokey Jerky, New Cross

Jerk Chicken from Smokey Jerky, New Cross

Or jerk anything, for that matter, because their pork is off the hook too. Make sure you try their homemade hot sauces, but beware, they're H?O?T.

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Pie, mash and liquor at Goddards, Greenwich

Ten different kinds of pie, buttery, creamy mash and a cup of tea on the side. Get the liquor, a light, non-creamy parsley sauce, if you will, because if you're going total-trad with a minced beef pie, you've got a good helping of the meaty kind in there. And it's delicious. If you're not all pie'd out by that point, head up the road to Wellbeloved in Deptford and stock up on their infamous steak pies to eat at home.

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