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“What’s the deal with Vegemite?” STRAYA.

Three BuzzFeed Oz writers decided to answer the questions our American colleagues had for us, and teach them a thing or two about the Land Down Under.


Why is your money so colourful? And why is it made out of plastic?

Jemima: Why is your money all green? It makes no sense.

Brad: Our money is colourful because, well, why not? It’s easy to tell apart. It’s also different sizes, which helps when you’re 12 feet deep in a puddle of gin & tonic and trying to decipher what you owe the bar. They’re plastic (obviously) because they are then waterproof. And alcohol proof.

Jenna: Why ISN’T your money colourful? We can tell at a glance what our money is, there is no accidentally handing over a $50 instead of $5. The plastic means it doesn’t rip or crumble. IT’S SMART.

Did you really put kangaroos on your coins?

Jemima: What else would we put on there? Boring buildings like you guys?

Brad: Yes. Don’t act like you wouldn’t. You have the goddamn eagle on your passport.

Jenna: Not just kangaroos. Also emus, echidnas, lyrebirds and platypuses.

Wait, you eat them? So you put your food on your currency?

Jemima: Don’t tell us how to live our lives.

Brad: Ah, yeah? It’s about respect.

Jenna: We also put food on our coat of arms.

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