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Werk for that vacation.

Walt Disney World Marathon

Where: Orlando, FL

When: Early January

Course Info: Great for beginners, though it gets a little hot.

Entry Fee: $175-205

Why it's worth it: Run the park ~where dreams come true~! You get to go through all four parks, and all your favorite characters are spread along the race, cheering you on and posing for pictures. Runners agree that if you love you some Disney, this is a bucket list MUST.

Honolulu Marathon

Where: Honolulu, HI

When: Second weekend in December

Course Info: Beginner-friendly, flat and pretty hot, but plenty of water!

Entry Fee: $185

Why it's worth it: You get to run around Hawaii! There's volcanos and sun and leis and plenty of water to keep your cool. And there's so many international runners from Asia that the race has been deemed the "Little Tokyo" Marathon.

Jungfrau Marathon

Where: Interlaken, Switzerland

When: Mid-September

Course Info: Fairly advanced; you're running THE ALPS.

Entry Fee: $165

Why it's worth it: Sure you've mastered hills, but how about mountains? This breathtakingly beautiful race will take you through the most famous peaks in the Swiss Alps. And seriously, runners can't stop raving about the scenery.

Marathon du Medoc

Where: Pauillac, Bordeaux, France

When: Beginning of September

Course Info: Beginner-friendly and fun! Runners make frequent stops for wine and snacks.

Entry Fee: $88-177 (Depends on how many festivities you want to attend.)

Why it's worth it: Not only do you run through gorgeous vineyards, but there's WINE at every aid station! Every year has a theme too, so get ready for some impressive costumes.

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