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Spain: Destination of choice for Retirement

In an article entitled 'Retirement abroad, countries where life is good, ", the online magazine that deals with employment and retirement, has a list of 11 possible countries for retirees who want to s 'expatriate. Spain appears as the top destination, ahead of Morocco and Portugal.


The reasons given are the low cost of living, pleasant climate and administrative facilities. Indeed, despite rising property prices in recent years (according to a report IESE Business School in May 2008, the price per square meter is about 5466 euros in San Sebastian, 4730 euros in Barcelona, 4144 euros in Madrid and Euro 2003 in Huelva, Andalusia), prices of consumer goods and gasoline prices are lower than the French (about 2 euros for a beer, 4 to 6 euros for a cinema ticket or 7 10 euros for a cheap menu).


As to climate, Spain is one of the warmest countries of Europe, although there are large differences from one region to another.

In addition, the author states that the health system in Spain is, according to WHO (World Health), among the 5 best in the world.


If the idea of finally leaving France to go abroad you do not forward, is the solution of the lease. There are a large number of rentals available in Spain for stays longer or shorter. If you want to spend a winter sun or a summer seaside, Spain is indeed a destination of choice.


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