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New Zealand On Mobile

A trip to New Zealand is undoubtedly one of these unique experiences in life. One thing you dream for a long time while you enjoy the most hard, and something I will remember all your life. Something that will make all your friends and family have to suffer long hours listening to the virtues and beauty of this country in our antipodes. At least until I can persuade them to follow your footsteps!

The idea of going from hotel to hotel can interest some ... And who does not! We always have our moments of weakness that need to be treated like kings ... But the real magic of New Zealand is not in the luxurious accommodations of a 5-star hotel, but more earthy experience possible. Probably the best way would be to travel the country on foot, but since we usually go short of time the motorhome is one of the most common forms of touring the country making the most of their chances.

Not only the campers are made to New Zealand but New Zealand is made for campers, as the ministry of tourism has taken great care in the country is perfectly adapted to visit it this way. The roads in good condition, well marked, signs remind you that driving is on the left (there's always some clueless!), Mountains of road signs indicating possible tours or attractions and mountains of the vehicle parking spaces and Jump to look gorgeous landscapes and portraits to ever leave our memory.

Another great advantage of traveling by motor home is still the country as large as Britain, there are about 15 times fewer inhabitants. This means that roads tend to be all for you, and indeed often seems that the whole country is all for you, since there only for you to enjoy. New Zealand travel camper also lets you decide where to spend the night either in one of the numerous well-equipped campsites or the shore of a lake with the reflections of the mountains occupied by the entire windshield. It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to wake up.

I just need to express to those who still are not convinced that this transport is extremely comfortable, the interior is more spacious than it seems, are usually very well equipped with TV, shower and bath, kitchen, plenty of space for luggage room, table, beds, very wide, electric and gas heaters, etc.. In reality, the space is so nice just being home and adventure when you take more than 2 weeks it'll probably feel so attached that it will cost to separate from her. Or at least this happened to me!

Near the end, suffice it to say that autocaravans easier for 2 people are available during our summer in Spain from only 6.5 Euros per person per day, which makes this mode of transport a wonderful way to explore New Zealand for those that go just for money.

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